Merchandiser – A Jewellery Consultant for the business. Key Responsibility Areas

Merchandiser’s Role in Business

A Merchandiser is an important job role that is finding place in the retail businesses across progressive retailers.

The specific job description is: The individual is responsible for executing the merchandising strategy of the organisation. – Qualifications pack- GJSCI Occupational Standards. Merchandiser  is responsible to estimate the demand for the product. He also plans for the jewellery product to be ordered. Merchandiser then identifies and selects the best vendors to place the order.

In Small and Medium Enterprises, the owner who runs the business, is also the merchandiser. Thus, he has deep domain knowledge of the business and merchandise requirements. In larger organisations, specific employees have been given the merchandising responsibilities. The merchandiser understands the merchandising strategy especially in terms of the profitability expected from the business, the investments required to achieve this objective.
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Personal Attributes: The role requires the person to have

  1. Good analytical skills,
  2. Have a flair for communicating with diverse set of people,
  3. Attention to details,
  4. Negotiation skills,
  5. Be multi-linguistic.
  6. He should also be able to understand the consumer expectations in terms of designs, pricing, assortment, discount structure and also the brand position.

Experience: Most people start their career as trainees, depending upon the business size of the organisation, Merchandising heads, typically have a 10 to 15 years of experience rising up to the ranks of Vice Presidents of the organisations.

In some sense, even though the merchandiser is an employee or owner, he is also “the consultant” to the business. He needs to have the overall view of the business, needs to be slightly dispassionate about the urgent needs to get the sales needed for the organisation at the same time sacrificing profit margins by offering higher discounts. Thus the “jewellery consultant” role he plays is important. Otherwise, the sales department might get the top line they are responsible for, but the bottom line- profit might be missing. That is surely not a good sign.