How Retail Training is cost effective way to Improve Store Performance.

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Retail business is a highly demanding area of commercial operations with customer engagement as the prime aim. To maximize customer conversion, employee motivation is a must which requires Retail Training from a seasoned Training Provider like Retail Gurukul.
The Victorian Employers Skills & Training survey revealed that Training had a positive impact on
1. ROI by 75%
2. Productivity by 72%
3. Priority for the Workplace-86%
It also revealed that the if the quality of training provided was high, it had a 79% impact on productivity and success. This means top quality Retail Training should be provided to the sales staff from an expert Training Provider like Retail Gurukul.
There are several ways to improve employee productivity but the most cost-effective method is Retail Training. Let us see how.

How Retail Training is the most cost-effective way to Store Performance Improvement:

Instead of spending tons of money on improving store interiors or lavishing money on expensive ad campaigns, Retail Training is the most efficient and economical method to improve store performance.
This is because:
1. Generating Walkins to the stores, especially new walk-ins is very expensive and is difficult to predict the success of marketing campaigns, in-spite of multiple efforts.
2. Once, the potential customer has walked into the store, however grand your store may look, the customer should feel welcome and wanted. The in-store experience is the most important key to customer engagement. This is why Retail Training is crucial to ensure a favourable customer engagement.
3. Customer-interaction not only helps to close sales by making a conversion but it also reflects positively on returns and referrals. The right kind of Retail Training helps to improve customer loyalty and retention.
4. Retail Training is more of an investment that you make on your employees with high rewards. Experts opine, one successfully trained employee can increases sales by 15% on an average.
5. Money spent on Retail Training is marginal compared to the massive amounts spent on advertising, promotion or store interiors.

Effective Retail Training to improve store performance

Retail Training can be the decisive factor in Retail Store Management, due to its high impact on the employee’s interaction with the customers. Let us see what effective Retail Training involves.

1. Strengthen Internal Training

Most Retail Organizations believe in offering an induction training to their new recruits. This internal training is often done by their own employees and middle managers.
This internal training should be highly focused and packed with inputs. A lukewarm training offered by a busy manager only discourages new employees. Moreover, inefficient training results in poor performers as it is akin to a system of “Garbage in, Garbage out”. So strengthen your internal training by first training your “internal trainers” rigorously.

2. Seek expert external help for Training

Using external help for Retail Training like Retail Gurukul is most advisable due to the following reasons
            a. Wide and varied experience: External trainers have ample experience having worked with a variety of organizations. They can offer “out-of-the-box” solutions for your training needs.
            b. Training materials and modules: External training providers have the time and expertise to develop training modules customized to your needs.
            c. Expert opinion: Employees prefer to listen to outside experts more than their own managers or immediate superiors. Training providers can use their expert opinion status to best advantage in convincing the staff to adopt store specific and industry best practices and methods.
           d. Evaluate output: The success of the training depends on the output and this has to be monitored. Evaluating the output is best done by the management.

Start this 3 step process to start your retail training journey

1. Use Face to Face Learning Sessions

Use internal resources to conduct induction training on the new recruits. Then, use external resources and trainers to train your retail store staff, especially, if they are working from remote locations in different cities and towns. Local trainers are a very cost-effective method of training your staff.

2. E-learning

Follow up the face to face sessions with the extensive use of E-Learning to easily train your retail staff, Retail Training using online videos make it more interesting for the staff and has more retention value. Moreover, these learning videos can be used successively for various groups again and again with no further investment. Register for Retail Gurukul’s Free Online Retail Training for your store staff here. Even if face to face learning is not possible, because of geographical constraints, e-learning could be an alternative, rather than waiting for the lone trainer or two to travel across the country or hand over the training to the local sales team. !

3. Use Role plays extensively

In both the cases, use role play as an important tool in Retail Training to demonstrate the right sales practices. Live shop-floor examples can be recounted and the situations can be visualized. This gives the staff a firsthand idea of the dos and don’ts of Retailing.
Inefficient Retail Training can cost you nearly $13.5million for 1000 employees says Grovo. Why risk this when Retail Training experts like Retail Gurukul can offer you the best of training to improve your store performance effectively and economically. Just log on to to know more about the best Retail Training practices which you can adopt in the coming year.

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