Top 10 Reasons to attend IIJS Signature Show.

IIJS Signature event

Are you looking for the latest market trends, designs, styles for your jewellery business? Only at IIJS Signature show – to be held at Mumbai from 10-13 February 2019.

What is special about the IIJS Signature Show?

The IIJS Signature Show showcases the finest display of jewellery collections from India’s topmost manufacturers. With the widest range of jewels displayed by nearly 580+ exhibitors, the IIJS Signature Show is THE ONLY place for retailers like you to come for the perusal and purchase of the finest jewels.

Jewellery in every form and style is exhibited here with the utmost precision, perfection and pride. The designs displayed have been carefully chosen to reflect the finest craftsmanship in the country. Not just an ordinary Jewellery Expo, the IIJS Signature Show is a premier event of interaction between prestigious jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the country and abroad.

10 reasons to attend IIJS Signature Show

How is it different from other Jewellery Expos? Let us see.

  1. Exclusive

The IIJS Signature Show is an exclusive event of the finest jewellery display at an All India level, unlike regional shows which are very specific to the region. The focus here is on a carefully-picked collection of jewellery of the finest style, craftsmanship and value. Every exhibitor showcases not just their new collections but their perennial classic designs as well.

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  1. Extensive

To claim that the IIJS Signature Show is the most exclusive Jewellery Show in India would not be overrating it.

Yes, with 1000+ booths spaced out on a wide expanse of 30000 sq. meters in the heart of Mumbai, the IIJS Signature Show is one of the most extensive Jewellery Exhibitions in India indeed!

IIJS-Signature Show is a unique opportunity for retailers to view maximum jewellery designs under one roof!

  1. Eventful

Attractive and alluring, the IIJS Signature Show is going to be quite an event drawing a  crowd of 35000+ trade visitors to its fore (Source: GJEPC Press Release) With an eager participation from  55+ countries and 455+ Indian cities, the IIJS Signature Show would be a headliner event with lively programs and action-packed sessions.

Indian Retailers find IIJS- Signature Show as a singular platform to learn and exchange new ideas on the jewellery trade and to educate themselves from the guest lectures and product sessions.

  1. Exquisite

Indian Jewellery comes in diverse, distinct and dynamic forms and the IIJS Signature Show has it all. Traditional, Antique, Modern, Tribal, Temple, Fusion, Filigree, Ivory, Bead, Kundan, Meenakari, Jadau, Chettinad, Lac, Navratna, Stone, Panchakam….the list is endless. The IIJS Signature Show is the most exquisite display of India’s ethnic and exotic jewels and every retailer is sure to learn something from it to upgrade his jewellery collections.

  1. Extraordinary

The IIJS Signature Show is an extraordinary show of enormous standards. It is organized by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon, Mumbai. The attendance is restricted to trade visitors only and the age limit is above 18. This Pan India event is a congregation of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, importers and exporters of the jewellery trade. Retailers find the IIJS Signature Show as the best platform for business networking among other associates of the jewellery trade.

The IIJS Signature Show is a Twin show with the Signature Jewellery Expo on one hand and the IGJME – India’s Gem and Jewellery Manufacturers Expo on the other. The IGJME is Asia’s best Gem Technology Expo featuring latest technological innovations and global jewellery machinery trends. Learning the nuances of gem technology is a must for retailers as this helps them in not only gemstone selection, appraisal or purchase but also in convincing the customers on the quality of their wares.

  1. Elegant

Flawless and fine cut diamond jewellery, glossy and glittering gold, coloured semi-precious stones and beads, loose uncut diamonds- elegance is in its finest form at the     IIJS Signature Show. The Product Sections include Loose Stones, Studded Jewellery and Gold Jewellery where both machine and handmade jewels are displayed in prime position. The Signature Club features high fashion haute-couture jewellery which is the first of its kind to be seen nowhere else.

Indian retailers get to see international and haute-couture jewellery at their doorstep at IIJS-Signature Show which provides a first-hand view of the latest trends and designs.

  1. Entertaining

The IIJS Signature Show is not a mere “stand and looks” show. The amiable hospitality extended by the conveners coupled with the thoughtful business rendezvous arranged through their online buyer matching programmes makes the IIJS Signature Show an absolute entertainer.

For busy businessmen, every minute means money and no time is wasted at the IIJS-signature Show as you meet future buyers, suppliers and develop new business contacts.

  1. Educational

With informative product sessions, lectures by gemologists and jewel experts talks from top jewellery manufacturers, the IIJS Signature Show is an excellent platform for retailers to gain knowledge updates and business interactions in the jewellery sector. The IDEX Diamond Kiosk is an added feature that helps you to appraise the diamonds purchased.

The ultimate destination for all involved in the Jewel trade the IIJS Signature Show is a spectacular and sensational show of special jewel display.

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Rs. 17,700 incl GST for payments before 10th Feb 19

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  1. Enjoyable

Retailers can take a break and mix business with pleasure in Mumbai for the IIJS Signature Show is the best place to unwind and unleash new business ideas at the same time especially in the evening, after the show each day.

  1. Explore

Explore new ideas, new thinking, the new way of doing the business by attending Retail Gurukul’s Workshop. Network with like-minded people in retail jewellery Industry and explore new opportunities.