The Year End Target Achievement Challenge.. The next 15 days can be a game change

Target Challenge
Next 15 days can be a game changer:

Do this, just one thing and generate huge benefits! in the next 15 days..

You and your team have entered the finals of the March T 20 Match.
How far are you from the annual, monthly targets you had set for yourself?
If you are just about there, but need some extra push, then this is the opportunity.
Your own T20 match! between the staff and the Sales Target!
What can we do, to make for those 20 runs in the last 2 overs of a T 20 match?
Like all such efforts, you will need a Star Batsman like Virat or Dhoni
But you will also need the rest of the team to help them.

want to increase stock rotation

10 Things to do now !
1. Call in a meeting of the team and explain the opportunity that is there to win this special T20 match. Is the sales target 2 kgs or 20 kgs..
2. Identify or ask for volunteers who can lead the team to score those targeted runs.
3. Give them the necessary freedom and the budgets required.
4. Let them identify and execute them to their best capability.
5. Can they reach out to some of their “Favourite” customers with a special offer. (Decentralise this decision with a budget to the Manager and his team).
6. Can you run a quick communication campaign by digital media (This is where a loyalty club helps).
7. Identify some sure shot inventory models for a special promotion.
8. Keep track of the performance on a daily basis, with a count down to the target (like asking run rate in a match).
9. Announce a celebration, now if the team wins the match
10. Remember to share your success with us, to get more ideas for the future.
Remember, the next 15 days, is crucial to win the Sales Championship.
To do or not to do, is not the answer.

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