5 Simple “Action Opportunities”, retailers can take, even before opening the doors for the day Do it right away

JD Solitaire

Looking to improve your business ? Then, it is time to start a set of new habits within the store. Start with a basic Retail Training on “time keeping” for them.

  1. Keep the store ready for customers.

The store must be ready to receive the customers when you open the store for business.

If this means, different people will work different shift timings, then there is a need to plan for such a scheduling. Even if the customers come in early, making them wait inside the store is much better than having them standing outside the store.

Action Opportunity: House-keeping should be completed, before the store opens for customers.

Retail Gurukul client JD Solitaire
Retail Gurukul client JD Solitaire
  1. Start a Morning Meeting habit in the store. 

It’s one of the best practices in any business, not just here in India, but also around the world.

Each of us have about 8 to 10 hours a day to maximize our productivity. One way is to identify the top 4 or 5 action points that each of the members need to complete during the day and work on them to complete it before the day gets over. Initially, it may mean, that only one point was completed and many others were only partially completed. But, that is still ok!

Action Opportunity: Over a period of time, if you persist, you will be able to complete the set of tasks that you and the team set out to do. Retail Training Can help you in building this kind of habit in your store

want to increase stock rotation

  1. Store Culture.

The culture within the store, reflects on the customer service at the store.

If owners/ managers treat their staff not as professionals doing their jobs, but as someone who needs to be looked down upon and hence shouted at, made to work on things much against their will, then the staff will also treat the customers in a similar manner.

Action Opportunity: It is always good business, to treat your staff with care and compassion so that they treat the customers with care and compassion. Simple Retail Training of your staff on a daily basis, until it becomes a habit can do wonders for the business.

  1. Staff selection and remuneration

Staff costs are a crucial part of any business, but in most retailing businesses, there are costs which are higher and fixed, but which are often “not considered”. Just the location, the rentals or the opportunity cost of the investment is often way above the costs.

Staff selection, especially, front end staff selection, is often left to the local store manager and a HR person. Invariably, the tendency is to find the best person but offer as low a salary as possible, in order to cut costs. Sometimes, the approach seems to be, we need just two hands and legs to “show” the merchandise. There is a famous comment too, that you pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Then, retailers complain of lost opportunities.

Action Opportunity: Work to offer a best in industry remuneration and culture, so that employees become “intrapreneurs” and take ownership for the store’s performance.

  1. Training your staff on Excellence in Customer Service

While organisations spend a significant amount on the “hardware” for the store, like location, building, interiors and a huge amount of inventory, it is often the “software” in terms of people, that finally can make the difference between “a SALE” or a Walk out.

An easy way to calculate the Return on the Investment on your training programs, is to calculate just the value of the “slow moving inventory/ dead inventory at the store” and the cost of keeping it there. Not just the value of the inventory, but also the space it occupies, the amount of money spent on marketing etc.

Action Opportunity: Even if a small percentage of that “money” is invested on training your Staff, from organisations like Retail Gurukul’s Retail Training for Staff, then the returns on your investment will be far higher.

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