World is changing, Perceptions are changing, Business is changing. The question is are we?

What all do you observe in this picture of the Cricket Match between England and West Indies?







  1. There are no crowds.
  2. The Bowler is celebrating!
  3. The Batsman is out.

Now let us compare this scene with our business.

  1. Are you like a person in the crowd who is missing all the action?
  2. Are you like the bowler(businessman) who celebrated by achieving the sales of the few “customers” willing to come to shop?
  3. Are you the batsman (businessman) who is opening the store, but getting bowled with less sales than before?

How is the Sales at an All India Level?

Our clients and reports in the media show that there are retailers who are doing anywhere between 20% to 80% of their earlier business. A few people are also facing same store footfalls as last year. A leading brand says they are getting 50 to 60% of sales across the country.

How are you doing?

Customers are still facing challenges on their day to day living – Jobs, Work from Home, Fear of contracting the virus, etc.

If we are sitting on the sidelines, hoping that business will be back to normal – 100% of Feb 2020, when customers would walk in to the store regularly, then we will probably need to do “something” to be in their “mind” even if are not “selling” our products to them all the time.

We could even reach out to them, with some innovative but cost effective ideas.

In today’s socially connected world, what better ways than say FB or Instagram live sessions?

Our customers might or might not be ready to come to our store yet, but atleast your store name will be on their “recall”. As and when, they are ready to shop, which store do you think, they will want to come to?

Ours ofcouse !

Let me know, if you are the missing person in the crowd or the bowler or the batsman ! in that cricket match playing in front of your store? or on Social Media.