Build your immunity Now – We can and we should try to build the immunity, it is simple and almost free

Hello, This is a life related article and I thought it might interest all of us.

About 6 months ago, I learnt, that as we age, we use less and less of our lungs capacity due to multiple factors including lack of exercise.

My theory at this stage (I may be wrong) is this. While we all hope that, we will not be infected with the Carona Virus, we still need to improve our immunity to the virus.

One such battle field is the lungs.

Can we improve our Lungs breathing capacity with breathing exercises, to make ourselves battle ready when we can ! ? Possibly yes ?

The Two articles below can help us understand our challenges and solutions better.



We need to learn to breath deeply and we have never gone to a breathing school for training.

I am told, we typically use only 10 % of our lungs these days!

I know of one organisation and its teachers who are helping in teaching breathing exercises among other things.

If this is of interest to you and your family, we are organising a special introductory free zoom session and you can sign up to attend.

You can also check out

This is something we can all do, even during our lock down.

Shivaram A


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