Chance or Change ? Your chance to make the Change is here. Are you ready?

Why take a chance, when you can change

Chance or Change?

What made the government to get elected again?
It was the Change they brought about in the past and the Change that they are promising now.
Because, the last 5 years were full of surprises and the next 5 years, could be more surprises.
There are already rumours, that restrictions on cash transactions will be introduced.
Therefore, the question for all of us, especially, those who have been facing challenges in the past few years are many.

What does the future hold for us?

1. Should we continue to do, what we have been doing joker123, but expect to see a better future?
2. If we did not change the way we worked in the past 5 years, should we change now?
Is it compulsory?
What will happen if we don’t change?
Can we take a chance?
3. Rather than be forced to change because of external forces, what if we were ready ourself?
Each of us, have a chance to be ready to change now.

Top 3 changes happening in the market already? 

1. There is a move by the youngsters to go brand shopping. Do you know, that more first-time voters voted for BJP than for Congress?
2. The trend towards lightweight jewellery vs heavy, expensive jewellery is already taking place.
3. Successful retailers are expanding to more and more markets, at a faster pace than ever before. Tanishq for example wants to be in 400 locations in the near future.

What are you thoughts on change?

Have you benefited by changing to meet the market demands?
Changes in the market did not impact your business?
I would like to hear from you?
Want to discuss with me, call me on 9,036,036,524.

Are other retailers changing? 

Yes, of course.
A number of retailers especially, those who are keen to be ready for the next 5 years, wanted to hear how to be ready for the future. They often asked me how in meetings, conferences, training programs, face book posts etc
I wanted to help them.
So, I took all my experience of working in Tanishq in Merchandising, Training and Sales for over 10 years and my consulting and training experience at Retail Gurukul of working with over 300+ businesses, training 10,000 + staff.
And wrote a book!
Actually 2 books.
25 Chapters
172 pages for the 2 E books in the English Version
242 pages for the 2 E Books in the Hindi Version
It is aimed at only those jewellers who are interested in improving their business.
The book – “A guide to Jewellery Retailing”. It is in 2 volumes.
Available separately in English (2 Volumes) and also available in Hindi (again in 2 volumes.
These are 2  E books each. Click here to buy them!
The response from all over India is just amazing. Even I did not expect such a response.
Retailers are buying them and implementing the ideas..

Here is a feedback from just one of them..

“A Very useful book.

Tiniest issue is also covered in the book which is generally overlooked by experts.

We did implement few ideas and the rest are going on.

For Example, we celebrated anniversary of a buyer at the store same day and we now have a happy customer and a friend as well.

The suggestions are as simple as home remedies to implement and does not warrant huge expenses.
Good to have these suggestions.
Thanks Jai Kabra, MD, Reshamm Gold Jewellery, Noida, NCR.”

Look, how Jai and his team are driving change in their business.

Would you like to benefit from the book too ? Why take a Chance? Buy and benefit from its insights now.

Buy the e books right here

Just in case you are coming to IIJS, we have something more to update and upgrade your business ! Call Shivaram himself on 9036036524 for more details.

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