The Ultimate Personal Guide to your own Retail Gurukul. Retailing and beyond.

Your ultimate Personal Guide to your Retail Gurukul.

This is your ultimate Personal Guide to your Retail Gurukul. A Guru or a guide, I wish I had when I wanted it, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. A teacher of some sort to talk to, discuss or just listen to a different point of view.

Meeting customers, clients, vendor partners, arguing, agreeing and disagreeing with bosses, and convincing or getting convinced by my team. We have a 95% satisfaction rate with our clients, if you need validation of any kind.

But it has been one marathon of a journey of learning and implementing. It has meant many a bloody sacrifice along the way too, (mostly small accidents during travel and few bruised egos too on either side). Getting up from it all and now advising, cajoling, consulting, coaching, training and fighting inertia of clients to change for their own good.

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Mann ki Baat and beyond:- 

These Shivaram’s Mann Ki Baat (Name inspired by the Indian Prime Minister’s address to the nation).

Retailing Guide
The Ultimate Personal Guide to Retailing

In these posts, I’m going to share the guide that I wish someone else had shared and I had access to implement. Let us know, if you like to read, listen or watch these posts.

I’ll walk you through When, Where, Why, Why-not of business management. It will be a guide on how to go about building a successful retail environment and improving your profitability and achieving happiness. Improving significantly. Otherwise, what is the point of trying so much at all? Right.

Therefore, this mann ki baat post will serve as the landing page for all of the posts in the series. This list will continue to expand and change as I create the content for the series. If you like to receive notifications of these posts, then please sign up for them here.

The outline of the mann ki baat is based on Retail Gurukul’s Proprietary Successful model of the Best Practices in Retailing.

The Best Of Mantras for Retailing are: –

  1. Purpose of the business: – Money and Motivation for the business.
  2. Profitability Improvement: – How to improve your profits by “focusing”.
  3. Plan: – Building a business plan, Identifying Strengths, Weakness and Focus Areas.
  4. Property: – Location identification, Expand by Location, Size etc
  5. Place: – Interiors and brand positioning
  6. People (Customers): – Building Personas, Understanding the Target Customer, etc
  7. Products: – Inventory Management Techniques, Stock to sale ratios, Improving Stock turn, Pricing, slow moving stocks, Open to Buy, etc
  8. People (Ours): – Recruitment, Training, Motivation, Salary Structure, Incentives structure, etc
  9. Processes: – Set up Standard Operating Procedures, Identifying Improvement Areas etc.
  10. Performance Metrics: Identifying and tracking business metrics beyond Kgs of gold in stock, Top bottom line, conversion, etc.
  11. Partners: How, to build a Win-Win Relationship between Vendors and Retailers.
  12. Promotion: – (ATL and BTL) Print and Digital Media and Face to Face etc
  13. Problem Solving: – How to problem solve – Whose money is it anyway?

You can either go through the blogs (my mann ki baat) which will be linked below or go direct to that blog/edition of mann ki baat, if you are coming directly from elsewhere.

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