The stock markets are up! Is your business Up or down? 

If your business up or down?
The stock markets are up! Is your business Up or down? 
The government has taken a massive cut in xe88 income. It hopes, business will improve and over time, taxes will go up.
The question for retailers like us is, will the consumer buy into the “growth story” and come out and buy.
We have two choices
Stay in the comfort zone. Wait for consumers to change their “sentiments” from wait, come out and buy (The real estate industry has been waiting with over 5 lakh flats unsold inventory yet they are in a comfort zone)
Be proactive:
We can create “consumer experiences” in our own stores, brands etc and then have half a chance to win the consumer and her wallet.
What is the best that can happen?
The consumer likes this new “experience”- and buys from you, rather than your competition.
What is the worst that can happen?
The new “experience” is an utter failure, the money spent gone? Really, probably not. She might have at least considered your brand, and when she is more comfortable, you will be the first choice for purchase. Not your in the “comfort zone” competition.
Your competition:
If they are not as smart as you, they will wait for your to spend, and then react. But, by then, it might be too late and more than ever, they will be in the same situation, post Diwali.
I am sure; you don’t want to be in that situation.. Right
What are you doing today to get the consumer into the store..? Don’t wait, act now..

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