6 Things to do for a Great Diwali


The market has picked up, the gold rates are down, customers are back in the stores since Dussehra !

You have invested a lot of time, effort and money to make this Diwali. Right?

But, there are still a few important jobs, that make this Diwali Sales, the best.

Or, as we say, the BEST so far.

Are you interested to know, what these are important things are?

I have been part of many Diwali Sales Projects for Tanishq, that each year performance was better than ever before.

And since starting Retail Gurukul in 2012, I have helped 100’s of jewellers and businessmen to make their Diwali the best each year.

Would you like your Diwali this year the best?


But, who do you think has the toughest job in our business?

It is that of the sales staff.

Training and motivating the Sales Staff is also the easiest way to increase your Sales. We train 1000s of staff each year! and we have seen quick results each time. A 10% -20% -a 30% increase in sales by motivated staff after training is possible.

So, we need to train and motivate them to perform. That’s our job

Our No 1 job.

Job No 1. Talk to your entire team! 

Either in one batch or even in multiple batches.

When was the last time you spoke to them in a group? No, not one on one, but as a group.

Here are a few tips to talk about.

  1. Congratulate them on their performance so far, and how it can be bigger and better this year.
  2. The importance of Diwali in one’s own life. Diwali coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.
  3. Explain, that during Diwali, customers want to buy, they are not doing “time pass” and conversion is our responsibility
  4. Train the staff on the Welcome, Display, Close and Thank You Routine.  You will need to reinforce this message.
  5. Wish them all the best.

Job No 2. Invite your customers.

  1. Invite your customers through tele calling, SMS, advertisements, etc.
  2. Send gifts to their homes in advance and follow up with your call !
  3. As the owner of the business, make it a point to call your VIP customers personally.  They can go anywhere, but your invitation can make them come to you!

They can give you a significant portion of your high value sales !.

Job No 3. Check your inventory

  1. The mood is good, customers are keen to shop and improve their sentiments. So, check if all the inventory required is there.
  2. If some things are missing, then get them while there is still time.
  3. Good Stocks make for a great sales opportunity.

Job No 4. Gifts for your customers 

  1. Remember, Diwali is a season of celebration. Get gifts for everyone who comes to the store.

The gifts are more about how thankful you are about them, rather than about the value of the gift. A sugar free sweet box can be a good gift and a talking point to the staff! Order in advance, just like stock for sale.

  1. VIP customers get VIP gifts – the more thoughtful the better !

Remember to send me a gift too! or at least a picture of the gift. We are offering a special prize for the best gift by a jeweller this Diwali !

Job no. 5.

On Diwali day, ensure that everything is ready for the best sales of the year in the company’s history.

  1. Ensure that the staff are ready, trained and motivated for the best days ever!
  2. Keep stock ready and checked.
  3. Ensure billing is super fast. No customer wants to waste time at the billing counter.
  4. Ensure that the teams take care of both customers and staff, with refreshments and infrastructure support.

Job No 6. Promise a Diwali After Party.

Remember, they work very hard (both front end and back end staff, even the office and house keeping boys and drivers included).

Need ideas ?

  1. Celebrate with the team! at a Diwali After Party.
  2. Close the store after Diwali for a day and take the entire team for a  picnic

Happy Diwali Again, in advance.

PS: Look forward to your gifts/ images of your gifts for that special prize competition. Reach me Shivaram on 9036036524 or retailgurukul@gmail.com