Why you need to Monitor your Partner’s Employees in Retail Business ! Improving Customer Service


In retail business, stocking inventory from big brands and selling to the consumers constitutes the main line of business activity. This is especially true of the Consumer Electronics Industry in India. Post the sale, the installation, demonstration of the purchased item is the responsibility of the Brand, which has its own army of service technicians who take between 24 to 48 hours to execute this requirement.

Target driven sales staff competing against heavy competition often promise what the customer expects to hear regarding the date and time of the installation and demo. So far so good !

The actual logging of the customer details on the brand’s product either via phone or their website is a long and tiring process left to the back office team at the retailer end.

Sales staff have either not logged the complete details like time and date committed for the demo, or the customer has understood something else !

While the consumer might have waited for months to make the buying decision, he suddenly finds it impossible to live without the new TV in his Drawing room and begins to call the Retailer asking for immediate delivery !

The Service Technician (who is not your employee) whose has a long list of such installations for the day is suddenly bombarded with urgent calls for this VIP Consumer from the Retailer !

Whether he ultimately delivers on your Sales Man’s promise of the date and time or matches the sudden expectations of a VIP consumer is completely left to chance! So, in effect your future repeat business from this customer has just gone out of your hands !

want to increase stock rotation

Retail Business Service Issues

If the set up and demonstration delivers on the promises made or expected, the consumer is reasonably happy! He might come back to the store for the next purchase.

If the post purchase experience has been bad for any number of reasons like the ones below, the chances of the customer coming back to the retailer for subsequent purchases recedes that much further.

  1. Communication skills of the technician
  2. Borrowing tools from the consumer (yes, this happens!)
  3. Poorly drawn cable wire
  4. Not arriving at the agreed upon time
  5. Forgetting directions
  6. Asking for a tip
  7. TV taking too ling to setup
  8. Arguing with the customer over poor quality of TV resolution
  9. Taking other customer calls during service
  10. Berating customer’s choice of TV

Opportunities for retailers providing a great shopping experience that extends right into the drawing room of the consumer are truly huge, but hardly any body seems to care to get into this aspect of shopping experience.

Remember, price is long forgotten, but shopping experience is what remains in the minds of the consumer.

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