Top 5 Things to do to Win the Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery Cup? Does and Don'ts to succeed

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Do these Top 5 Things this Akshaya Tritiya and win the Jewellery Cup.
Do you believe India go into the World Cup as one of the favourites?
Absolutely. We’ve a fantastic team and they’re all in reasonably good form.
Look at our record in white ball cricket in the last two years and there’s no doubt India have the potential to win the trophy.
But the emphasis should be on the process, on preparation and to give yourself the best possible chance.
That’s what is the key.
The result will automatically follow if your preparation is good enough.

And my emphasis has always been on process and not on the result. Because if you’re pprocess driven you’ll more often than not end up on the winning side. said, MSK Prasad, the Chairman of the BCCI Selection committe when asked

The Jewellers Cup..
Akshaya Tritiya like the Cricket World Cup, is one of the biggest events in the calendar of a jeweller.
The preparations for the success would have started many months in advance.
The peak season kicked off a week ago, when the Gudi Padwa season began on April 7th and will end with the Akshaya Tritiya on May 7th.
A full 30 days of a great festival season of sales.
Yet, as we have seen, like in the end stage of the world cup, the real excitement and sales is more towards the Akshaya Tritiya Day.
Here are the top 5 Process & Preparations that you can do to win the day..
1. Products inventory in the store
Procuring the right inventory and pricing it right is one that calls for a lot of preparation.
Don’t Just have a a large volume of inventory that is measured in kgs and carats.
Do have the right inventory, in right quantities, right designs and at right price points
2. A marketing campaign that attracts customers
Don’t just run a print campaign, because you have always ran a print campaign in the past.
Do a 360 Degree marketing campaign, that covers digital and physical media with adequate budgetary support
3. An attractive offer for the customer to chose
Don‘t repeat last years’ 20 % off on making charges and expect to get the same or better result.
The market has changed, the consumer has changed. What worked last year, is no guarantee that it will work again.
Do work on a new idea, that is different and stands out in the market
4. A trained and motivated team
A team with a lot of energy to work through the ups and downs of the season.
If there is one time to have a trained staff, it is now.
Don’t expect the staff to be delivering an exceptional sale, if they are not motivated.
Train your staff adequately. All it requires is about half an hour each day. Retail Gurukul has an online program for staff training. Buy this program and allocate just 30 minutes per staff to learn on their own, without affecting the business.
5. An infrastructure that is ready to serve a higher than ever influx of customers.
Don’t expect the rest of the office staff from accounts to house keeping to purchase to just do their job.
Ask what their problems are, and work to solve them.
Ultimately, all the processes and preparations can make the difference between a successful Akshaya Tritiya World Cup Win and a team that got eliminated in the knock out stage.
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