Retail Business – How to Motivate Your Retail Employees -Part II


This is the second part of two series on – How to Motivate Your Employees. Click here for part one!

In the previous article, I had some basic suggestions for motivating your retail employees. Now, let’s go to the next level.

Make the celebration a grand event by conducting contests and giveaway awards like the good cashier award, the good salesman award, etc. Let your employees share their experiences and thoughts with others. Each good deed can be rewarded either in cash or kind. There are several ways to thank the employees. you can write personal notes to your staff. Businesses can send thank you notes to the retail stores.

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Realize the Importance of Retail Employees

Recently I was talking to one of my friends from Chennai about the importance of selling skills. He is a Finance person and he says that the only person who brings money into the account is the sales person. Though the back-end people are doing their best to support the sales, it is the front-end people who sell the products.

“Right from morning to night, if there was no salesperson, your life literally comes to a standstill.”

he said.

I think this is one of the most important and obvious insight. My request to all the employers is to send out thank you messages to your staff. If you are organizing this event in the store. Please request the retail employees to bring their family too. As I have learnt that the family members of the employees hardly visit the store. This can be a personal event gathering and be celebrating the Retail Employee Day.

Plan an Event for Retail Employees

We would suggest you make it a bigger event. Spend a little bit of time, money and take an effort in organizing the event. Nothing can be perfect on the first try. It may take two to three cycles to take the Employee Day event to a good level of execution. It can be a simple cake-cutting ceremony, visit a temple, church or a mosque depending upon the organisation’s culture. But the main point is to thank your employees for their support.

Moving on to retail, if you are in the jewellery industry, it’s been a very difficult time for all of us. I would say the retail has been split into two eras – before 8th November and after 8th November.  Though now many people are willing to change, get advice, take up consulting and other services, others feel it is not possible for them to survive in the new scenario.

Do you feel the need to scale down operations and do you need help to make a choice? Ultimately, it’s the shift of mindset. If something bit this dinosaur, it will only realize it after three days. The process of its realization was so slow. My consulting is based on the changes in an environment. It’s very difficult to get my point across in such a situation with blocked mindsets. If you are ready to double up your efforts then surely you can consolidate your business in another 6 months or a year.

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