Are You Using a CRM?

Are you using a CRM System? CRM is defined as Customer Relationship Management and is a software system that helps you nurture your relationships with your customers 👉🏼 1. A CRM also assists with organization, efficiency, time management, and impressing customers every step of the way. 👉🏼 2. The benefits[…]

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What’s Your Definition of Success?

What is Your Definition of Success? “Success is a test match. It is not really a T20 match” This really is a great quote.  Not only is it interesting but also inspiring. One truth that I find most frustrating as a coach is that many people believe that success, in[…]

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5 Things to Prepare for a Better Diwali

Congratulations, Market: Pandemic seems to be over. Supply: The orders placed with the vendor partners have partly arrived. Operations: Stocks are being rearranged on the counters. Consumers: The market has picked up for sure, and customers are back in the stores since Dussehra! You, the owner: Have invested a lot of[…]

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What’s Their Cheese(Your Employee)

  This message is for all the employees of your company. Please take a printout and ask every employee to read this and explain it to you first, and then to other employees! Dear Employee, Wishing you a happy festival season. The world has certainly changed and has affected each[…]

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What’s Your Cheese?

Dear Retailer, I, Shivaram from Retail Gurukul wish you a wonderful Navaratra, Dhanteras, Diwali and Laxmi Pooja festival season both at a personal level and a professional level. Celebrate the good news. The markets have opened up even during Shrad. How? Amazon & Flipkart opened their annual sales during shrad[…]

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What can You Learn from Ganesha?

What can You Learn from Ganesha. Have you ever thought about Ganesha like this? 1. A big head to think out of the box. Learning: From a business perspective, when almost everything is now a commodity – merchandise or advertising, we need an out of the box thinking to grow[…]

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The Future Is Now, Are You Ready?

Future is now

Dear Business Owner, We have all now truly entered the Digital Era. Now, Need is the king, Innovation is queen, Change is inevitable, and those who lead to Adapt. Win big. Just look at how some brands/products, which we hardly used before the pandemic, have now become “must-haves”. From face[…]

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2 Myths of Selling Jewellery

2 myths blog

Let me start with a true personal story of mine. I had gone to buy a “bathroom sink” for my home, from my nearby physical retailer. I did not know the different sinks that are available and their prices. Imagine, the salesperson started talking about the different models and with[…]

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Want to Gain Independence From Your Business?


Do you want to be independent? Stop Working like a “naukar/worker” in your own business? Having Coached over 5000+ business owners, I find many business owners work like naukars & not as investors in their own business. Do you know why? They work 365 days and 24 hours “inside” their business, taking[…]

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